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We love Fiber Fuel... we started using it a couple years ago. Easy to handle, store, and move. Smell great and keeps you warm. Thank you!

Robyn Boyd

We used to burn only wood. Then every now and then we would burn a manufactured product. We tried them all. When we finally found Fiber Fuel we knew it was our #1 choice and what we'd buy in the future. People have asked both my husband and I when they see us buying it if we like it and we always tell them that we've tried them all but this by far is the best.

Jeanette O'Rourke

Well, I tried it first three winters ago. Saw it and thought, wow that is neat. In a less than airtight wood furnace, one day it was -12 degrees out and wind-chill of -20. I burned 12 blocks in 24 hours and kept my house easily at 20C. Quite a feat here as my house is old with no insulation and the old wooden windows. Two years ago I had wood still left in my basement but got 4 pallets of Fiber Fuel. I typically burn about 3.5 cord a year of wood and I used roughly the same amount of Fiber Fuel, I didn't use my wood kept it as a backup should I have needed it. 1 pallet equals 1 cord of hardwood. Love it, thank you.

Sue Skipton

My first experience with them happened when I went to buy some bio blocks and they had some samples to try. They were wanting some real feedback on this product before bringing it in to sell. I took 4 blocks home and used them. First off they were super easy to light! Secondly they produced a lot of heat and I quickly watched my stove temp rise faster than I've seen with regular wood or even other bio blocks. So yeah I wanted more!!! Our dealer ended up getting a delivery after all the feedback everyone gave him. I'm a big fan of this product! What more can you ask for? Easy lighting, tons of heat and hardly a mess to clean!!

Todd Goudreau

Love Fiber Fuel, clean, easy to store/stack, easy starting, and great heat.

Kevin Keoughan

For the past 3 winters we only burn Fiber Fuel. It's awesome, no mess, no spiders and warm.

Delia Comeau

We moved to Nova Scotia 9 years ago and bought a home with a wood stove in the downstairs rec room. We bought and tortured ourselves for six years with buying wood, lugging it, stacking it and then cleaning up after it! Yuck! We stopped using the stove for a couple of years as it was awful! Since we found Fiber Fuel it is all we use now and I actually enjoy lighting the stove and the kind of heat it gives off! So happy!

Carrie A Walsh MacDougall

Love fiber fuel much less ash the wood, love the easy of storage and no mess .much cleaner when filling up the wood holder no messy wood chips everywhere.

Mark Longmire

Love the little amount of ash that Fiber Fuel leaves behind. If you have some greener wood that you just can't get to burn mix it half and half with fiber fuel and it burns well.

Joel Wescott

Burns much better than the competitions Very little mess. Less ash. Gives off lots of heat.

John Miller

So much easier than firewood, no splitting, starts easy, burns cleaner, and less ash. A few blocks lasts for an hour and gives out so much heat. We've tried the rest, but will stick with the best! Fiber Fuel.

Chris Thibeau

We love fiber fuel. We mix it with our hardwood however we will be going away for a couple weeks and will be stocking up on fiber fuel before we do so my daughter will have no issues starting and keeping the fire going. Our wood is often times big and/or damp so it creates issues when trying to start the fire, with fiber fuel we never have this problem. We can start the fire on the first try and keep it going!

Sheila Baker

We tried fibre fuel for our 1st time this winter and absolutely loved it! We ran out of firewood due to my husband injuring his back and I read up about this product and decided to try it. We ended up using it for the remainder of the season and will be getting more for this coming winter.

Tammy Mariner-Hartlin

As an older person, unable to get wood, chop and stack, fibre wood makes it easy for us to enjoy our fireplace still.

Donna MacInnis