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Fiber Fuel is produced by Lewis Mouldings in Nova Scotia, Canada using the by-product of our pine moulding manufacturing business. We produce millions of feet of mouldings each year which in turn generates a significant volume of wood waste. 

A decline in the pulp and paper industry led us to explore other markets for our wood waste and during our market research the wood brick opportunity was identified. Wood bricks are unique from wood pellets in that they can be used in any regular wood burning stove or furnace which unlike pellet stoves do not require electricity to run.

As our company uses only kiln-dried Eastern White Pine for its mouldings, Fiber Fuel wood bricks have a consistency which ensures clean burning and even heat generation. In fact, this fuel has excellent heat output qualities (8966 BTU’s/lb) and low moisture content because of the kiln drying.

Environmental conservation has always been an important part of the Lewis Mouldings culture. As a family run business, we adhere to values not always found in shareholder driven, corporate boardrooms. Fiber Fuel has allowed Lewis Mouldings to maximize the utilization of an important forest resource… returning a manufacturing by-product back into a new resource.

The adoption of Fiber Fuel has steadily increased as people discover that it offers all the benefits of traditional wood but without all the negatives.

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