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Making memories by the campfire

As the days become longer and the temperatures slowly transport us into the summer season, many minds turn to outdoor recreation and relaxation.  One symbolic and traditional cornerstone of this time of year is the campfire.  Countless horror stories, belly laughs, acoustic guitar singalongs, and first kisses have taken place in circles of lawn chairs surrounding the dancing flames that we have all come to know as such a comforting part of the warmer months.


We can forgive you for getting lost in the visions and memories in your head that just popped up.  No doubt that we all have some amazing campfire stories to share, but it is almost certain that none of them would be related to the actual origin of the firewood that was the centerpiece of those anecdotal gems.  All firewood is not created equal, and the team here at Fiber Fuel is here to help you ensure that you get the most out of your outdoor memories this season.


Did you know that North America experiences tens of thousands of wildfires that burn over 10 million acres of woodlands every year?  Humans cause nearly 85% of these devastating fires resulting in loss of property and other unfortunate circumstances.


We all know that burn bans really suck the fun out of our outdoor enjoyment when officials have determined that dry foliage and/or windy conditions reach a point where a leisurely fire just isn’t worth the risk.  In the worst situation, flying embers from your campfire can do so much more damage than burning a hole in your favorite and irreplaceable concert t-shirt.  Unattended campfires and flying embers can create a huge risk at any time, but especially during a burn ban.   Fiber Fuel is made up of kiln dried sawdust and woodchips with a low moisture content, resulting in virtually zero of those red-hot nasties flying around and ruining your fun, and potentially several acres of woodland.  Many campgrounds actively promote Fiber Fuel as the best option for firewood specifically for this reason.


Hopefully, this blog has provided you with some information to make your next weenie roast a happy and safe one!  As we start to transition into more outdoor living and revisiting Mother Nature, please be reminded of our old friend Smokey the Bear who reminded us that ‘only YOU can prevent forest fires’!


Next month, we’ll discuss issues surrounding transportation of firewood and related bans in provincial, state, and national parks.


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