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Fiber Fuel vs. Firewood

Have you heard of wood bricks before but not sure what they’re all about? Maybe you’re thinking about making the switch and wondering what the benefits really are?

Let’s start with all that’s initially involved in using standard firewood as a heat source. Perhaps you have a truck come dump a couple cords in your driveway and then you have to stack it inside, maybe even outside first. Maybe you receive it in 8 ft lengths and have to cut, split, stack, dry it, etc. Or maybe you’re WAY old school and head into nature to take down some trees yourself and start from scratch. Unless you’re the Paul Bunyan type and actually ENJOY all that work, it may be time to discover how Fiber Fuel makes it SO much easier to heat your home!

Fiber Fuel wood bricks are sold by the bag or by the pallet. They’re ready to burn out of the bag so no drying is necessary and no throwing your hands up in the air because your local supplier dumped a load of wet wood in your drive! One pallet of our wood bricks produces approximately the same heat output as a cord of wood and uses about half the space to store.

Fiber Fuel has been independently analyzed by the Dalhousie University Minerals Engineering Center and tests reveal that it provides 8966 BTU/lb and less than 0.5 % ash. What does that mean in layman’s terms? Well, it basically means that Fiber Fuel burns hotter or just as hot as most dry hardwood and burns cleaner and more efficiently. Less ash means fewer clean outs, and we know how frustrating it can be to let your stove burn down to clean out ashes when it’s colder than a polar bear’s toenails outside!

We touched on wet wood and yet it’s helpful to explain that Fiber Fuel really comes out on top in this comparison. We all know how frustrating it can be to try to burn wood that isn’t properly seasoned. Fiber Fuel is manufactured to a moisture content (MC) of 5-8%. Properly dried standard cordwood is considered to be around 20% MC, which is after it has air dried in the outdoors for several months or even seasons. To get the most out of your wood heat, proper moisture content is essential. Have you ever seen logs in your fire sweating moisture out the ends as they burn? That’s a sign of too much moisture and sadly, the ‘energy’ contained in your firewood is not being used efficiently. In order to provide optimal heat, the log first has to use some of it’s BTU’s to dissipate the moisture contained within it. Hissing and popping are not a sign of efficient burning.

Fiber Fuel burns efficiently from the start and does not have to contend with moisture issues. And because there’s no need to dry after you buy, there’s really no need to purchase a year supply in the summer. Maybe a large cash outlay in the fall hurts the pocket book a bit more than you’d like after that summer vacation? Rest assured, we have you covered so that when you purchase Fiber Fuel from your local supplier, it’s ready to burn. You could even purchase a week or a month’s supply at a time.

Still somewhat related to moisture content, is creosote buildup and we’re all aware of the serious concerns it raises. Creosote is a sticky tar like substance that can accumulate in your flu and chimney, causing safety issues. The primary cause of this build up is the result of an incomplete burn and a non optimal burn process. High moisture content and presence of bark are two common denominators in such a situation. As Fiber Fuel contains very little bark and moisture content is minimal, an efficient and hot burn is achieved, resulting in huge reductions in creosote accumulation compared to standard firewood.

If what we’ve shared so far hasn’t convinced you to try our wood bricks, how about you turn your thoughts to those spiders and other creepy crawlies that hitchhike into your house on those logs you carry in. We’re pretty sure you’re not a fan of them, so this is a great time to tell you that we’ve solved that issue too! No bugs in our bricks… none!

Let’s review. Fiber Fuel is hotter, cleaner, easier, safer, and bug free. Is there really any reason for you not to give it a try? We hope you will and welcome your thoughts and impressions. We get messages from countless buyers each season that have made the switch to Fiber Fuel, and we never get tired of hearing from them. We’d love for you to be next!