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Meet Firewood 2.0

What if you could take all the positive features and advantages of heating with wood and eliminate all the disadvantages? That is exactly what we set out to do when we began developing Fiber Fuel. An environmentally friendly, all-natural product. We knew that many people enjoy the warmth of radiant wood heat and the ambiance of a burning fire but were discouraged by all the extra work, associated mess, and unpredictability of traditional firewood.

The solution was Fiber Fuel and it is important to note that Fiber Fuel has absolutely ZERO binders or glue, just 100% natural wood compressed at over 22,000 pounds of pressure. Please take a moment to consider all the advantages Fiber Fuel offers…

Fiber Fuel Bricks


Let’s talk about time or more specifically what your time is worth? While some people enjoy the task of preparing firewood many, and especially older adults, find the effort unrewarding or are simply no longer physically able to do it. Fiber Fuel eliminates any cutting, splitting, stacking, or drying requirements. If you want to enjoy a wood fire but have better things to do with your time then Fiber Fuel is for you!



Because the bricks are made from 100% kiln dried wood waste, there is much less moisture to cause improper combustion. This then lessens the risk of creosote build up in chimneys and ultimately means less risk of chimney fires. It also means that there is less ash than hard wood and reduced emissions as well.



The use of wood as a fuel source as opposed to fossil fuels is not only typically more economical, but it is also better for the environment. When wood is burned the only green house gases it can emit are the ones it took in while it was living, therefore the carbon footprint for burning Fiber Fuel Bricks is net zero.


Clean and Bug Free

Fiber Fuel bricks are ready to use immediately after you purchase them, there is no need to season or dry the wood bricks before use. This also reduces the risk of bringing mould, insects, and dirt into your house. Unless you enjoy sharing your home with the bug world and mould spores, then Fiber Fuel is a great solution!

Easy to Manage

Easy to Manage

We are not suggesting that nature got it wrong, but a rectangular log is certainly easier to manage. A Fiber Fuel brick stacks well, takes up less space, and is a nice manageable weight. Plus, the consistent compact size makes them much safer than trying to load a hot stove or furnace with larger heavier pieces of firewood which don’t always stay where you want to place them.


Burns Hotter… Burns Cleaner

Unlike pellets, bricks can be used in wood stoves and therefore can continue to heat even during power outages. Added to that is the advantages of the BTU output (8966 BTU’s/lb) of kiln-dried Eastern White Pine and the density of the brick achieved by the high compression. Fiber Fuel’s low ash content (less than 4%) also means a cleaner burn and less frequent clean-outs.

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